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Thanks to our experience and our experts, we have developed a bumper ball with an opening in front of the face which allows for:

  • Improved visibility for the players.
  • Better ventilation inside the bumper ball.
  • Easier communication between players and facilitators.

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Bubble soccer is very similar to classic soccer. However, how we play may surprise you! The objective remains to score as many goals  as possible, but the players on each team face off in large transparent bubbles. Your feet remain free, allowing you to confront opponents and capture the ball. You’ll be able to safely shift your opponents over several meters!

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The King of the Ring game consists of eliminating all oppponents by forcing them out of the ring. There are no teams; everyone plays against one another. Players begin on the exterior line of a circle and  the game starts with the blow of a whistle. When the referee eliminates a player, that player can no longer return to the game. The last player remaining is declared King! King of the Ring can only be played on a synthetic field.

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In Spartacus, two teams face each other and try to knock down all the opposing team’s players. Players are eliminated and must retire to one of the four corners of the field as soon as the side of their bumper ball touches the ground. The winning team’s points are awarded based on how many players on each team are still standing at the end of the round.

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Before the game, each team must choose a general. The generals will wear a bib and salute each other in the center of the field in order to properly identify themselves. When the whistle is blown, the teams face each other and attempt to knock down the opposing team’s general in order to win the match. All other players, except for the generals, can fall and get back up without being eliminated from the game.

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In Rooster Fight, all the players of a team are randomly assigned a number. The same set of numbers is then randomly assigned to players on the opposing team. Before the game, the referee will blindly draw one number. The two players who share this picked number must then take place at opposing ends of the field to face off and try to knock each other down.

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This game has the same objective as traditional ice hockey: the goal is to kick a giant puck into the opposing team’s net. However, players don’t wear skates.They slip and slide on an interior or exterior ice surface. Fun guaranteed!

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In Bubble Wars, two teams are each made up of five bumper balls and one Zorb (a giant bumper ball). The objective is to make your team’s Zorb reach the opposing end of the field before the opposing team’s Zorb reaches your end. The ten bumper balls on the field face one another while attempting to create safe passage for their Zorb, which allows for many different strategies and an epic clash of bumper balls that is sure to make you laugh!

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Save on your package by combining
Archery Battle and Bubble Madness.

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Responsibilities of the event manager before the game

The event manager must transmit all the necessary information concerning forbidden objects (see Forbidden objects section below), dress code and appropriate footwear to his participants. He must also provide them with the Important Pre-Game Instructions document, and the Liability Waiver, Risk Assumption, and Indemnity Agreement so that all participants can review the information, print it and sign it.

He must also advise all his participants to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled game time so that they have adequate time to dress, hand in their signed liability waiver to the event manager, and warm-up properly in order to reduce the risk of injury. Staff will also verify that all the participants respect the dress code and are free of any forbidden objects at this time.

Upon his arrival, the event manager must meet with our staff in order to pay the fee discussed in the package, hand in all the signed waivers, and ask any remaining questions.

Dress-code and recommended equipment

All participants must wear comfortable, appropriate sportswear (T-shirts, bermudas, athletic pants, socks, etc.) as well as properly laced sneakers (no cleats). We also suggest you bring gloves to protect your knuckles, a towel, a water bottle, and volleyball kneepads.

Forbidden objects (glasses, cleats, sandals, etc.)

Glasses are forbidden on the field. Participants that require eyewear must wear contact lenses. Safety glasses with elastic bands are also forbidden.

Cleats are forbidden in order to prevent injuries to other participants, damage to the bumper ball or any of our other equipment.

Winter boots (except during Bubble Hockey or other outdoor winter Bubble Madness games), sandals, or loosely laced shoes or sneakers are forbidden. All participants must wear properly laced shoes that provide adequate ankle and foot support.

Players’ pockets must be empty at all times. Furthermore, no objects must litter the gym floor, the playing field or surrounding area in order to avoid injuries that could be caused by the intense contacts. Prior to the game, all players must store their personal objects (backpack, wallet, cell phone, sunglasses, shoes, etc.) in a safe space outside the play area (locker, car, etc.). Our staff is not responsible for the safeguarding of your personal effects. We are not responsible for any theft that may occur during your event.

Reducing the risk of injury

The comment we hear most frequently from our first-time participants is that they feel invincible inside their bumper ball. However, no sport exists that carries zero risk of injury.

It is important to note that our players are well protected from their head to their knees inside the bumper ball; however, the lower extremities are more exposed to the risk of injury. If you are injury-prone at this level, then a sprain or pulled muscle could occur whether or not there is contact with another bumper ball because you will be running, jumping, rolling, etc. These types of injuries may also occur from improper use of our equipment which is why our staff insists upon the safety rules with new players while providing them with initial training before the game. Our staff will ensure a rigorous application of these rules at all times so that all our participants can benefit from a pleasant and safe environment.


Moreover, it is forbidden:
-to kick another player or any Bubble Madness (TM) equipment or you risk being expelled without reimbursement.
-to intentionally aim for another player’s legs with your bumper ball so as to avoid lower-body injuries.
-to project another bumper ball in the direction of the walls or corners of the gym, in order to avoid injuries to the legs.
-to hound a participant who doesn’t have the ball, or a participant who is already down and trying to get back up. It is very important to check the intensity of your tackles when you surprise a player who is not expecting to get hit.
-to tackle a goal-keeper or any other play in the direction of the nets. The goal-keeper must play only within his defensive zone.
-to keep playing or tackling other players once the play is blown dead by our staff or you risk being expelled. Our staff will not ignore any situation that could be deemed dangerous or compromises their safety, or the safety of the players and spectators in any way.

You are responsible for your actions and any consequences resulting from poor behaviour on your part, for risk of being expelled. There will be no reimbursement. Play prudently and responsibly!

Mandatory training for all participants in your event

A mandatory information session will be led by our staff prior to the start of the first game in order to explain the rules of the game and to ensure the safety of all the players and spectators. This training session is mandatory for all the players present during your event.

Furthermore, prior to your activity, it is very important to read the Liability Waiver, Risk Assumption, and Indemnity Agreement document in order to review the responsibilities of each party with regard to any incidents or accidents that may occur during play. The event manager must have all the signed waivers prior to the event so that he can hand them in to our staff before the first game.

Duration of the games and breaks

Bubble Madness is a physically demanding sport so a period of play will last no longer than 10 minutes. The breaks between the activities are included in the total duration of the event. The length of the breaks and periods will vary depending on the chosen game. You can discuss these with our staff when you reserve your event or when you arrive the morning of your event.

Boundaries on an interior playing field

In an interior gym, there is no out of bounds; the ball is constantly in play because it bounces off the walls of the gym. No spectators are allowed in an interior gym in order to avoid injuries caused by contact with a bumper ball or a game ball. Play will stop if our staff notices spectators infringing against this rule.

Boundaries on an exterior playing field

On an indoor or outdoor soccer field, the boundaries are marked by the exterior lines of the playing field. The dimensions of the field can be reduced to accommodate fewer players and the type of game chosen.

When the ball goes out of bounds, the team that did not touch the ball last will take possession. That team will choose one player to stand along the exterior line with the ball. The opponents will stand back a minimum of 3 meters to allow the player to kick the ball. When the referee blows the whistle, the player along the line will kick the ball and play can resume.

No spectators are allowed on the playing field in order to avoid any risk of injury resulting from contact with the bumper ball or the game ball.




In Bubble Madness you can send your opponents rolling over a distance of several meters without danger. One of our priorities is the safety of all our players and our staff. All our facilitators are provided with the necessary training which allows them to cater to each player before, during, and after the game. An information session on risk and injury prevention will be given to all participants prior to the game to ensure the safety of all those present and to avoid the risk of injury. Please refer to the Important information section for more details concerning forbidden objects as well as safety rules and advice about injury prevention. It is important that each player fill out the form below and return it to the event manager prior to the beginning of the event.





Setup and facilitation, preventive training on the risk of injury and rules to be respected, material damage insurance, travel expenses within 25 km of Quebec city, a cancellation policy, the bumper balls, soccer balls, cones and towels.






Up to what size can an adult bumper ball accommodate?

A 45 inch waist line at the belly button.

Does it get hot in the bumper ball?

Yes, because your body will release a lot of heat through exertion. Bring a towel and a water bottle.

Is there a risk of suffering a sprained ankle or injury to the legs?

No more than in traditional soccer. Since the bumper ball has a diameter of 1.8 meters it will absorb the impact of your legs on the floor in case of a fall. Your knees will feel absolutely nothing unless you have to get up because they are inside the bumper ball. We do strongly suggest that you wear volleyball type kneepads. Furthermore, in order to reduce the risk of injury to the legs it is forbidden to project another bumper ball in the direction of the gym walls.

Is it hard on your neck and back?

No, because your back and neck are well supported against the interior wall of the bumper ball. Simply strap in properly using the two safety belts and maintain fair pressure with your hands against the two handles on the interior of the bumper ball.

Is it hard to play the ball from within the bumper ball?

Turning to the right or the left is a bit of a challenge because you are supporting an extra 23 pounds. However, the ball is a fluorescent color so that you can easily follow it in play.

Should I tie my hair up if I have long hair?

Yes, if you are upside down and you are wearing a pony tail your hair could get caught between your bumper ball and the ground. Wear a bun.

Is it complicated to get in and out of the bumper ball?

No, you will quickly grasp the technique once the referee explains it to you.

How much does the bumper ball weigh?

An adult bumper ball weighs 23lbs (10kg) and a child bumper ball weighs 18lbs (8kg).

What are the dimensions of the adult and child bumper balls?

An adult bumper ball is 1.3 meters high and 1.8 meters wide. A child bumper ball is 1.15 meters high and 1.5 meters wide.

Will my bumper ball be clean before play?

Yes, 100% clean. All our bumper balls are cleaned with an eco-friendly and non-toxic disinfectant after every use. Proper hygiene is one of our priorities.

Is possible to get up alone or is help necessary?

You can get back up on your own without any difficulties. You simply have to roll onto your belly and get up using your knees. If you do struggle, our staff will quickly assist you.

Should we bring colored bibs or shirts of different colors?

No, each one of your team’s bumper balls will be identified by a color.

Can I be heard by the other players when I am inside the bumper ball?

Yes, there is a large opening above your head and in front of your face.

Are there water and bathroom breaks?

Yes, a three minute break is granted between each period.

Does each player keep the same bumper ball throughout the event?

Each player will keep the same bumper ball unless involuntary damage is caused to it; in that case, a second bumper ball will be provided.

If I have to quit mid-game, what will the other participants do?

If you have no spares they will have to play four on four. Good times are always 100% guaranteed.

How many players do you need to play?

A minimum of 8 players is required to play four on four.

How long is a game of Bubble Madness?

It depends on the package you choose. Usually, a one hour rate includes three periods of play averaging ten minutes each. There is a short five minute break between each period. If after three periods of play there is still ample time then a fourth period will be played. After the first period, you can substitute a period of Bubble Soccer for another game like General Tao, Spartacus, King of the Ring, or Rooster Fight. You must advise our staff upon your arrival if you wish to do so.

Are the teams made up of just men, just women, or mixed?

It’s up to you. Everyone can play together!

Do I have to bring any special equipment to play?

No, comfortable sportswear and properly laced sneakers (no cleats) suffice. Your pockets must be empty at all times to prevent any risk of injury and no personal effects are allowed on the field of play. Please plan for a safe space for your personal effects.No, comfortable sportswear and properly laced sneakers (no cleats) suffice. Your pockets must be empty at all times to prevent any risk of injury and no personal effects are allowed on the field of play. Please plan for a safe space for your personal effects.

Please consult the Dress Code and recommended equipment section as well as the Forbidden objects section to review the most important information therein such as the fact that it is forbidden to wear glasses or cleats.

Is there a minimum or maximum height to play?

No, however it is recommended that very tall people wear volleyball-like kneepads because our bumper ball is 1.3 meters high. This will help absorb the impact on your knees when you have to get up after a fall.

Is Bubble Madness safe to play?

Yes, because the bumper ball protects you from your head to your knees. Two safety straps help keep you secure inside the bumper ball and two interior handles help you maintain your position within the bumper ball. We strongly suggest you wear volleyball-like kneepads because you will have to get up from your knees after a fall. Moreover, our staff is responsible for providing you with adequate information to minimize the risk of injury.

Is there an age minimum to play?

Yes, the age minimum is six years old with signed consent from a parent or legal guardian.

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