Bubble Madness is an exhilarating sport that leaves no one indifferent, whether you are a player or a spectator. This sport was invented by two Norwegians, Johan Golden and Henrik Elvestad, who wanted to add excitement to conventional soccer by asking players to step into giant bumper balls and initiate contact with each other in order to help their team score goals. We were the first to bring this fun sport to Canada in 2013.

It has quickly gained popularity with adults, teens, and children alike because this sport is original, simple to play, and always generates lots of laughter! Players simply have to enter their bumper ball by slipping into the straps (like a backpack) and have fun surprising their opponents by sending them rolling over short and long distances. They can they take advantage of this opportunity to seize control of the ball, make passes, and help their teammates score goals!


Contributing to societal well-being by offering fun games to people between 5 and 65 years old. We offer a sport that is accessible to everyone. Whether people are sportive or not, they do not need to have special skills or equipment to be able to play Bubble Madness and have fun. The majority of our customers have never played soccer, and many participate in little or no sport!

This is an ideal activity to organize for all participants to have fun in a safe context, whether as part of a teambuilding or school activity, a birthday party, a stag or hen night, or simply to try a new activity with family and friends.


Provide customer service that is second to none

Our team wishes to offer the public an exceptional experience right from their very first contact with our business. Beyond properly informing our customers and quickly answering all their questions, we manage the entire event so the result is at the height of their expectations thanks to our experience and professionalism. On the field, our facilitators handle everything: preparation and cleaning of the equipment, welcoming the participants, providing information on the various games offered, training on proper archery techniques, providing safety regulations, as well as dynamic and professional hosting during the games so that our clients share unforgettable moments.

Ensure the safety of all our staff, our participants and spectators

Safety is at the heart of our priorities. All our staff receives adequate training regarding the proper use of bows and other equipment, as well as risk and injury prevention. They make sure that all the safety rules are rigorously applied by all participants on the field from the beginning to the end of the event. All the products used to disinfect our equipment are eco-friendly and non-toxic.

Offer a superior product to our customers

Our bumper ball is the lightest on the market because it is manufactured of TPU, a material that is eco-friendly, resistant, durable and of high quality. PVC bumper balls are much heavier and weigh about 40 lbs. They have a lower tolerance for cold weather and become damaged more frequently during the winter season. We’ve designed a new product that allows for higher visibility and better breathability while ensuring the safety and comfort of our customers.

Promote good health and communication through play

Participants must be ready to work their muscles! Similarly to conventional soccer, this game allows players to develop both their cardiovascular health and muscle strength. It is akin to interval training where everyone can go at their own pace. Lower body muscles will be engaged by the walking, running, and stoppages during play, and core muscles are constantly engaged during tackles and when participants roll on the ground and must return to their feet! Moreover, since the bumper ball itself weighs 23 lbs, it is possible to strengthen the muscles in your shoulders, your arms, and your back.

Playing Bubble Madness is also a genuine therapy through laughter! This is why it is a popular teambuilding sport. With children, we often notice that they forget to play the ball because they are having so much fun sending their friends rolling around! Fun is guaranteed for everyone!