Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum size to fit in a bubble?

A waist line of no more than 45 inches (near the navel).

Is it hot inside a bubble?

If you’re fit, your body will give off a lot of heat. Bring water, and a towel.

Can we sprain an ankle, or hurt our legs?

No more than when playing traditional soccer. The bubble (which is 1.8 meters large) cushions the legs when falling on the ground. The knees are protected inside the bubble, but it might be hard to get up when you fall down. We recommend you wear knee-guards. To avoid accidental leg injuries, it is forbidden to push another bubble against the wall of the gymnasium.

Is it hard on the back and neck?

No, your back and neck are supported by the bubble. All you have to do is buckle the 2 safety belts, and hold onto to the handles inside the bubble.

Is it hard to play the ball while inside the bubble?

Turning right or turning left are harder than in normal circumstances. (don’t forget, you weigh 20 pounds more). The ball is easy to see while playing, for it has a fluorescent color.

Do I have to tie my hair up?

Yes, because a ponytail can get caught between the bubble and the floor if you’re upside down on the ground.

Do I have to tie my hair up?

Yes, because a ponytail can get caught between the bubble and the floor if you’re upside down on the ground.

Is it hard to get in or out of the bubble?

Not when you know how to do it. But don’t worry, the referee will explain it all to you.

How much does a bubble weigh?

A bubble weighs 10 kilos, or 23 pounds.

How big is a bubble?

A bubble is 1.3 meters high, and 1.8 meters wide.

Is the bubble clean?

Totally, it is cleaned after every single use use. Hygiene is very important to us.

Can I get up easily, or will I need help?

You can easily get up by yourself. Just get on your stomach, and use your knees. If you’re having trouble, don’t worry, the referee will help you.

Do we need bibs, or different color shirts?

No, because all bubbles are marked with a color.

Are there time-outs, to go the bathroom or drink water?

There is a 3 minutes time-out between each period.

Do I keep my bubble until the end of the game?

Each player keeps his own bubble. A new bubble will be provided if it is torn/damaged (not voluntarily).

If I have to leave during a game, what happens?

The teams will play 4 against 4 if there is nobody to replace you. Fun is 100% guaranteed.

How many players are needed?

8 players at least.

How long is a game?

There are 3 periods of 10 minutes each, with a possible fourth period (up to an hour total game time).

What gear do I bring if I want to play?

Bring sports clothes, the appropriate running shoes (with no spikes), a towel, water, and knee-guards. Spikes and cleats are forbidden for security reasons.

What is the minimum/maximum height required to play with an adult bubble?

A minimum of 4 feet 10 inches is required, and there is no maximum. If you are very tall, we recommend you wear knee-guards, since the bubble is 1.3 meter high and 1.8 meters wide.

Is it safe to play Bubble Football?

Yes, the bubble protects you from your head to your knees. Two safety belts hold you up, and there are 2 handles to hold onto. We recommend you wear knee-guards, because you will need to lean on / get on / use your knees to get up.

What is the minimum age to play with an adult bubble?

The minimum age required is 12 with the signed consent of a parent or legal guardian. However, the minimum size accepted is 4 feet 10 inches.