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Do you know Bubble Soccer? This new popular sport is very similar to classic soccer. If the rules hardly differ from the ones of soccer, the gameplay however, may surprise you! In Bubble Soccer, the objective is still to score as many goals as possible, except that the players from each team compete in a large transparent inflatable bubble (which protects them from head to knees). The feet are then free to defy opponents and grab the ball.

The bubbles will make you experience a game out of the ordinary! Laughter and fun are guaranteed! If you think that Bubble Soccer is reserved only for trained athletes or experienced soccer players, think again! It is accessible to everyone and it requires no special skill.

The giant bubbles let you safely bump your opponents a few feet back, which can lead to lots of laughter. A typical game is played with two teams of 5 players during 3 period of 10 minutes, but different settings are possible and equally enjoyable. Also, it can be played inside as well as outside.



There are no teams, you play against each other. All players are gathered around a circle. The game starts with the referee’s whistle. The goal of the game is to eliminate all your opponents by evicting them out of the circle. Once a referee removes a player, he may not return to the game. The last player inside the circle will become the king. The King of the circle can only be played on a synthetic pitch.



Two teams are facing each other, the goal is to put down every player of the opposing team. Once a player’s bubble touches the ground, he is automatically eliminated and must retreat to one of the four corners of the court. The points are given according to the number of participant still standing in the winning team. Before giving the whistle, the two referees must define a starting line from which the two teams will start. A 30 seconds caucus will be allowed to both teams before the beginning of the game to elaborate a strategy.



Two teams are facing each other. Before the beginning of the game, each team must select a general. The two generals will wear a bib to be properly recognizable. As soon as the whistle is blown, the two teams compete with the objective of taking down the general of the opposing side. The game ends when one of the generals’s bubble touches the ground. The rest of the players can fall and get back up as many times as they want in order to take out the other general. They should also try protecting their own! Before giving the whistle, the two referees must define a starting line from which the two teams will start. A 30 seconds caucus will be allowed to both teams before the beginning of the game to elaborate a strategy.



This game is usually played to sort out draw matches, but it can also stand on its own. Both team are aligned on their starting line and every opposing player is given a number from 1 to 5 by the referees. When everyone is ready, the referees will scream a number and blow the whistle. The player from each team associated with the number then runs towards his unknown enemy! The fight is resolved when a player’s bubble has touched the ground. Each battle is worth one point.



This game is played with two teams of 6 players. Each team consists of 5 Bumper Balls and 1 Zorb. The goal is to help your teammate in the Zorb to reach the other side of the field while, at the same team, preventing the enemy Zorb from reaching your side. This epic clash of bubbles will make everyone laugh without a doubt!



A Bubble Hockey game is played like a traditional Hockey game minus the hockey sticks and with a bigger puck. You simply need to kick the giant puck in the opposing team’s net to score a goal. Players will slide along the rink using their boots instead of ice skates. The fun is guaranteed.




Before you start

Before each game, you must attend a short meeting (mandatory) during which we will explain the rules, and give you a few tips on how to avoid injuries. You also have to read and sign a waiver («disclaimer and waiver of liability, risk acceptance and compensation agreement») prior to the game.

Starting the game

At the beginning of each period, and each time one of the teams scores, players have to go back to their starting line (which will be determined by the referees). At the sound of the whistle, players can rush for the ball in the middle of the field, or for each other, and go on playing.

Whistle blow

When a referee blows his whistle, the game must stop immediately. Players who go on pushing and shoving their rivals could get thrown out of the game. It’s the referee’s responsibility to ensure safety for both players and spectators.

Foot kick

A player who uses his feet to kick another player, or the equipment, could get thrown out of the game. There is no refund if this happens.

Rotation of players

Players can trade places with their goalie at any time. A game can also be played with 8 or 12 players instead of 10 (goalies included), leaving one person on the bench. Those playing can then switch places and get a bit of rest before returning to play more intensely.


A period of bubble soccer goes on for 10 minutes and the timer does not stop during stoppages. It may seems short, but, as you will find out, it is plenty.


There will be a timed break (3 minutes) between each period.

Determination of interior fields

The ball can not go out of bounds. Since spectators could be standing on the side lines, the referees will sometimes stop the game for safety issues. You have to make sure you don’t bump into people not wearing protective gear (either referee or spectator). To avoid leg injuries, do not push another player directly against the wall, or in a corner.

Determination of exterior fields

When the ball goes out of bounds, members of the team at fault must stand at least 9 feet from the ball, and one player from the other team kicks it from the side line (at the sound of the whistle). It is strictly forbidden to play outside the field, to avoid injuries to those not wearing protective gear. Safety first!

The goalie

The goalie can only play inside his defensive zone, but can still bump and get bumped. Although, it is forbidden to bump anyone towards the net.

Protective gear

While playing, you must stay inside the giant bubble provided or the referee will stop the game. You must inform a referee if your bumper ball loses air or gets ripped ; the game will be stopped, and we will provide you with a new one. You have to make sure you don’t bump into people not wearing protective gear (either referee or spectator). We recommend you wear knee-guards.

Contact between bubbles

As a safety precaution, and to prevent under the belt injuries, it is forbidden to voluntarily aim your bubble at another players’s legs. To avoid leg injuries, do not push another player against the wall, or in a corner. It is also forbidden to fiercely go at a player who does not have the ball, or a player who is down trying to get up. You must play the ball and follow the game. Do not bump another player without making sure he saw you first. You are responsible for your actions, and their consequences. Play safe and responsibly, help each other when needed, or you can get thrown out of the game. There is no refund if this happens.

Shifting of the net

If a net gets moved, the referee must stop the game until it is put back in its place. The goalie then plays the ball. At which time, members of the opposing team must be at least 9 feet from the ball. The referee is the one making the decision.

Hygiene and respect

After the game, you must clean your bubble (out of respect for those who will be using it next). We will provide you with a cleaning solution and a towel. This will only take a few seconds. Thank you for your collaboration.


Please show up at least half-an-hour before the start-up time so you can change clothes, give the signed waiver to the referees, pay the remaining fees (if any), and even ask for a few clarifications if needed. If you are late, you might miss practice time. And if one or two persons don’t show up, teams will have to play 4 against 4 (instead of 5).


You cannot wear your glasses while playing, only safety goggles with a head strap. You may wear contact lenses. There will be no tolerance on this point.

Sneakers with spikes

It is strictly forbidden to wear sneakers with spikes to avoid tearing the bumper balls. There will be no tolerance on this regulation. Thank you.

If you think soccer cannot


Think again! Bubble Soccer takes soccer to a whole new level adding a spectacular dimension of bumping and tackling. The concept is simple: the players are wearing big transparent bubbles and have to bump into each other in order to clear their way! Bump or get bumped!

Bubble Soccer was created by Johan Golden and Henrik Elvestad, two crazy Norwegians, who thought soccer would be much more fun if the players were enclosed inside giant bubbles made of transparent plastic. The first match was shown on Norwegian television at the end of 2011 (more as a joke than anything else), but after viewing it on YouTube, it became the new craze all over Europe. Over the last few years, our organization added to the mouvement by creating different and innovative new games using the bumper balls. It is now your turn, fellow Canadians, to benefit from the hype surrounding this new sport that was only established in Canada in 2013.